What Happened…?

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More than a year has passed by since i have posted something here…if someone will ask me what happened?..i cannot answer the question…really because i’m also asking myself the same thing…seems like it has been a long time…i have been pre occupied with a lot of things…work…wifey..friends…lomo..airsoft to name a few…for that 16 months…a lot of things had happened, but i hope i can write bout those stuffs in the future posts…anyway..its like a coming back to a friend…to a long lost love…a lost art…so please bear with the blog owner…just like other things, it will be a step by step comeback into posting..so, with all that have been said,the first question has not been answered,what happened? to know the answer..keep glued to this blog…just like what Totoy Bato( i told you i’m a fan of Robin Padilla) said in his one of his 90’s movies..”it’s nice to be back….”


2nd Coming…

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it was october of 2005 when i first set foot in here…Dubai,where everybody is headed nowadays,don’t know why! but it has been the trend this days. Anyways I had a lot of hopes and dreams that time. Share of triupmhs and defeat. That maybe will be a good topic on the next couple of post. But for now lets just talk about my return trip here( i will not share the flight experience ok!), so how i ended up going back here anyway? after almost two years of working in one company  here in Dubai ( Pathetic Controls..opps it should be Pacific Controls)fate decided that i should go back home.An incident happen to our office ( which until now is a big puzzle to me). A good reason for me to come back home, and that time i decided that it will be for good. I will not work here again, i have plans of working but it will be on other countries, but defrinitely not Dubai. So i stayed in the Philippines for almost 6 months. Looking for a job here and there. A lot of job negotiations were discussed; i even had deals of going to Qatar and  Saudi Arabia. Is it fate or just a coinsidence? but as Mr.Locke ( LOST) says, ” Dont’ mistake fate for coinsidence”. So what is it? really? FATE! It seems like fate knows where to put me, where i should be, Where i should continue. Just like Michael Schumacker going on for another pole position,Valentino Rossi going on for another first place on a GP,Kobe Bryant hitting a game winning shot, or Jason Kidd giving another alley hoop pass…( i love sports..believe me!!!)and most specially, HBK Shawn Michaels delivering another Sweet Chin Music to his opponent( I still consider professional wrestling as a sport,i still have the Wrestlemania Fever)…going back.I found myself in an Emirates Flight, going back to Dubai….the place i have told that i will never go back in, the place where i’m running from, the place where it all started. Maybe faith, or maybe Bossing’s will? or simply maybe… there is still some unfinished business that needs to be finished, things that needs to settled, debts to be payed….or is it a new beginning?..a place of rebirth?..or this is bossing’s way of giving me a second chance…to prove myself once more…to show him and my old company that i belong here. When Ferdinand Mc Arthur returned back to the the Philippines during WW2 he liberated the Philippines…will this time i will be liberated from the ghost and shadows of the past?Michael Jordan came back to the NBA from retirement to give the Chicago Bulls their 2nd three-peat…will i be triumphant this time and receive my moment of glory? Robin Padilla ( Idol…Joaquin Bordado!) has made a successfull showbiz comeback after serving his jail sentence for him to prove that he still has it, and he reclaimed his part in the showbiz world…will this be my chance to claim my spot to industry or career i’m pursuing( of course its not showbiz, but the automation industry)  as the song
goes” i will take whats mine”.Only Bossing knows the reason…and its up to me to create a better story behind this 2nd coming!!!

Dubai...sheik zayed road Shiek Zayed Road, Dubai

 Burj Al Arab, Dubai

22 Times

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Yesterday we’ve again dropped my father ( Papa) to the airport. This will be the 22nd year and the 22nd time that we have done that. He has been working in the Land of Sands…… Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 22 years now. Everyone who hears this will only have one thing to say ” Ganun katagal!? ” yes folks, that long!!!!! He started in 1986 where Cory Aquino was still the President ( Kris was small that time…now she is Biggggggg) ,3 President after her ( with thousands of Government controversies, handful of Coup attemp…Manila Pen is my personal favorite,  2 EDSA Revolution) a total of 22 years,Papa is still working there. He 1st left Manila when i was 6 and on the first grade,22 years after, i’m an ECE (Adamson University) now and also an OFW  in the Land of the Sands. My sister next to me was 4 years old,after 22 years she is a Licensed Civil Engineer (PLM)  and is now on the way to work in the US ( Wag lang mauusog!, paki lawayan nga kontra usog!).Our youngest was not even born that year, now she is a Licensed Teacher( PNU) and studying Law (Ateneo Law School),22 years after the first flight. If it will be computed, my Papa and Mama is only together for 7 years and 10 months, not 22 ( this is on my own opinion,they are only together 1 month  in a year). He has been there 6  years short of Eat Bulaga’s stint in Philippine TV ( It started in July 30, 1979…itaktak mo…itaktak mo!!!).  Madonna just got her 1st nomination in the Grammys when he 1st left the Philippines, and 22 years after that she will be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. No word can describe our admiration for our father. No word is enough to express our deepest thanks for the sacrifice he has done for us.  No instrument can measure our love for our Papa.  And eventhough we’re at this age, we’re still like  small kids everytime he arrives, it only show that we miss him so much…..and after 22 times,  it is still hard to see him board that plane.

flag1.jpg riyadh1.jpg  Riyadh City

1st Entry……a trial

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 -A blog (a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs- Wikipedia

Blogs has been around for years now. And every start of the year i have always tried to put or to start one.But thought comes in to me ….can i maintain one?how will i start it?what will i write? not until this year, as a result of a very long vacation and with the influence of my youngest sister ( Ameng..oops it should be Arm’s as she want to be called) here it is i have made it to the Blogging Community. Who knows what i will be putting in this blog? What thought will come out of me? What images will i be putting and What comments will i be posting. As of now my brain is scrambling on the entries that i will be writing. Being an OFW( Bagong Bayani Daw!) i have my share of experience in the Land of Sands…..the Middle East ( where majority of Filipino’s or Philippiney as other nations tend to call us) so i have decided that for now my entries will be mainly about experiences, stories, peoples, places and stuffs regarding living in that part of the world. But still stories from home will not be ignored especially the political scene which for me is a big circus or a huge telenovela ( which is the Filipinos favorite pastime. Hi! to Marimar….Marian Rivera and Angelica …Katrina Halili). So hope everybody that will be reading this will have a good time and maybe this will help people which have insomia’s get to sleep( make it a good night habit!) Enjoy reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello world!

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